2017 Expedition: Aerial view (drone) of the Monument to Humanity (Pecca Gasha), north side of the plateau, Ruzo’s cabin and the alley (short way up from the village of Casta).

2017 Expedition: Aerial view (drone) of the amphitheater, west side precipice and crevasse south of the amphitheater (mayoralas esplanade, seals, helmet). Courtesy of professor L.J. Castillo Butters, Universidad Catolica, Lima.



The article below, published in the Peruvian daily La Republica, includes one of the many aerial photos taken by a drone operated by Dr Luis Jaime Castillo Butters of the Catholic University of Peru. The comments suggesting that the Pleiades constellation is reproduced on the ground by various structures and markers is a theory that Dr Luis O. Ruzo has put forward previously in this website and since 2016 in