Where is Marcahuasi?

Marcahuasi is located about 70 km east of Lima.

What is Marcahuasi?

Marcahuasi is a plateau in central Peru in which many anthropomorphic and zoomorphic stone figures are found.

What is the Marcahuasi plateau?

Marcahuasi is a “stone forest” on a plateau at 4000 meters above sea level where a great variety of figures can be found.

What is the Marcahuasi ampitheater?

The amphitheater is a crevasse on the surface of the plateau which roughly divides it into the north and south sectors. The amphitheater is a popular camping site.

Who discovered Marcahuasi?

Marcahuasi was discovered by Daniel Ruzo in 1952.

Why is Marcahuasi interesting?

Marcahuasi is interesting because of the structures in stone that exist there and because so little is known about them. Now we have enough data to suggest that much of what we find in Marcahuasi is the work of human beings from an unknown culture.

Is it worth visiting Marcahuasi?

A visit to Marcahuasi is worthwhile, not only to see the stone monuments but also to experience the magic of the site, perched high upon the Andes mountains as well as to experience the hospitality of the people in the village of San Pedro.

What year was Marcahuasi discovered?

It was discovered in 1952.

What is the weather like in Marcahuasi?

The weather is dry and cold from June to September, rainy and warmer from January to April.

Are there hiking trails in Marcahuasi?

There are trails around the plateau which are used by the local population. Also there are several approaches from the village of San Pedro as well as trails that criss cross the plateau.

Can I go trekking in Marcahuasi?

Trekking trails can be found everywhere in the region.

What is a stone forest?

We consider a stone forest to be an area containing numerous structures in stone. It may be of natural origin or it may have been worked on by man. For example, the site called Cumbemayo in northern Peru shows clear evidence of human intervention.

What are some mysteries at Marcahuasi?

Marcahuasi presents us with several mysteries such as whose work it represents, what were its purposes, when was it developed and so on.

Where can I find a map of Marcahuasi?

Maps of the plateau are available in the town hall of San Pedro de Casta.

Where can I find pictures of Marcahuasi?

Our website www.marcahuasi-ruzo.com has numerous pictures of Marcahuasi and there are many sites in the internet that post photos of the plateau.

How many hours is it from Lima to Marcahuasi?

San Pedro de Casta can be reached from Lima in 3-4 hours and access to the plateau from the village in about two hours on foot or fifteen minutes by car.

How do I get to Marcahuasi?

To reach Marcahuasi from Lima using public transportation you must take a bus to the town of Chosica from where minibuses leave regularly for San Pedro de Casta. One can also drive from Lima to San Pedro.

How do I get to San Pedro de Casta?

You can get there using public transportation from Lima to Chosica and then on to San Pedro or you can drive.

What is the travel time from San Pedro de Casta to Marcahuasi?

On foot two to three hours, the base of the mountain can be reached by car in fifteen minutes followed by a half hour climb to the area known as the amphitheater.

How much does it cost to visit Marcahuasi?

Depending on the season and holidays it costs $5-$10.

When is the best time of year to go to Marcahuasi?

The best time to visit is the dry season, June to September.

What is the elevation of Marcahuasi?

Approximately 14,000 feet (4,000 meters).

What's the best way to see Marcahuasi?

Ideally you should spend three nights on the plateau. On the first day set up camp and get acclimatized to the altitude. On the second day tour the north side where most of the sculptures are found and on the third day the south side.

What else is there to see near Marcahuasi?

The village of San Pedro de Casta at the foot of the plateau is quite colorful and celebrates important feasts during Easter, the saint’s day on June 29 and the Fiesta de las Aguas or Water celebration in early October when the rainy season starts.

How many stone carvings are there at Marcahuasi?

There are literally dozens of sculptures in good condition and many more that have eroded almost beyond recognition.