What is Marcahuasi?

Marcahuasi, one of the seven marvels of Peru, is a plateau in the central Andes of Peru designated as a stone forest on which are found dozens of megaliths and mysterious monuments. These depict a variety of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures. The plateau was discovered by Daniel Ruzo de los Heros in 1953. At this site we also find ruins of Inca structures such as army barracks and funerary chulpas. Dr Luis Octavio Ruzo, director of the Association for the Study of Traditional Arts and Sciences (ECYART based in Lima, Peru) has continued this work since 2010.The goal is to develop data that may support the hypothesis that these structures are the creation of an ancient Andean culture.


2017 Expedition: Aerial view (drone) of the Monument to Humanity (Pecca Gasha), north side of the plateau, Ruzo’s cabin and the alley (short way up from the village of Casta).

2017 Expedition: Aerial view (drone) of the amphitheater, west side precipice and crevasse south of the amphitheater (mayoralas esplanade, seals, helmet). Courtesy of professor L.J. Castillo Butters, Universidad Catolica, Lima.